New York is a city like any other large city in the world. It is on par with Barcelona, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul, London, and Moscow as the most loved cities in the world. New York is laden with wonderful museums, art halls, and cultural associations because we preserve our heritage gracefully, along with pieces of heritage from different countries. And includes many historical, tourist, and religious sites such as Broadway, Times Square, Bronx Zoo, Coney Island, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Art Museum, Washington Square Park, and Empire State Building.

The experience of living in NYC is completely different as whoever comes to visit New York gets impressed and overwhelmed because the experience stays with them forever. New Yorkers have a different way of living, they not only shop from amazon, but also designer stores like Gucci and Prada, and always shop for electronics at Apple. Hence, the illustrious city is one of a kind.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people love to visit and live in New York.

  • Being able to walk anywhere – Best thing ever!
  • Delis with no credit card minimum – Eat without any limits!
  • Outdoor concerts – Add an oomph factor to the nightlife.
  • Never needing a designated driver – No need to buy your own car.
  • Taking pictures in Central Park – Strolling and taking pictures is the best stress-free exercise.
  • Apartments with elevators – Coolest thing ever!
  • Being able to go to a different bar every day of the year without repeating – New bar every day!
  • Best travel hub in the city – NO DOUBT!
  • SHOPPING – From H&M to Gucci, New York has it all!
  • Endless job opportunities – NYC is the epicenter of business!
  • Leaving the city in the summer – Go to Hamptons to enjoy a weekend getaway!
  • The train system can take you anywhere – the never-ending train system calms our mind.
  • Randalls Island and Governors Island – Provide an exciting destination for many events.
  • The different people you meet – NYC is bustling with people from all over the world.
  • Broadway lives here – NYC is the home of Broadway!
  • Times Square – The New Year fireworks are out of the world.
  • Bagels – A New Yorker’s day does not start without a piece of Bagel.
  • Celebrity sightings – You can definitely meet your favorite celebrity here.
  • NYC is full of art culture – The galleries are some of the city’s most powerful draws.
  • The Statue of Liberty – The iconic monument is the most significant and powerful feature of NYC!

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